Have your customers arrive in a good mood.

Make your business location  accessible for drivers. 


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Realtime forecasts

Offer your customers accurate realtime information for the parking spots near your business.

White labeling

Our parking forecasts come according to your corporate design.

Locational advantage

Make more out of your business location and reach drivers as new customers.

AIPARK for your business

You are one of thousands of entrepreneurs who cannot offer own parking space for their customers? AIPARK shows them the best available spots near your business. Our precise parking forecasts come as a standardized module ready to be integrated into your website or app. The integrated navigation leads your customers to the best available parking option and afterwards directly to your premises by foot.



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Your benefits


Why spend a lot of money on renting or buying own parking space? AIPARK finds the perfect spot for your customers anyway. Just have them park nearby and smoothly navigated to your premises by foot. It’s as easy as that!

Make use of your location

Your business is located in the heart of the city? Reach more customers arriving by car. AIPARK helps them to find availalbe parking in the nearer surrounding – easy and reliable.


AIPARK is always there when you need it. The service is available online all the year round.


You are part of an innovative company? Offer your customers the newest available solution to find parking near your business location. They’ll love to save time and fuel!


Convincing forecast accuracy

AIPARK is based on several years of research with focus on future mobility at the Braunschweig university of technology. First, the system aggregates a tremendous amout of traffic and infrastructure data. Afterwards, we use an artificial intelligence to discover time- and location-based patterns within drivers’ parking behavior. This is how we achieve a great forecast accuracy when it comes to parking availability all around Germany. Proof of concept testing in the city of Braunschweig already showed impressive results. 

white label service

  • Parking forecasts and navigation according to your corporate design
  • Smooth integration into your website
  • Compatible with your smartphone app
  • Personal support


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