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What is AIPARK?

AIPARK finds your parking spot

AIPARK finds available parking right where you need it! How that works? We analyze real-time and historical traffic information and calculate detailed parking forecasts from it. This is how our artificial intelligence SAM determines the probability of finding available parking near your destination. It chooses the most promising options and sends them directly to your smartphone. It’s  so easy! Simply lay back and let AIPARK navigate you to the available spot.

Hundreds of thousands of parking spots

We have hundreds of thousands of parking spots ready for you in our database. No matter what – on-street parking, public lots, garages – we find the best options. You’re looking for free parking in a new city? Or you prefer to have your car safely parked in an affordable garage near your destination? AIPARK takes care of that.

Save your time

Save your time for the important things in life! Everyone of of us spends in average 10 minutes per day searching for a parking spot. We think: That’s not necessary! Within seconds, AIPARK finds the best available spot at your destination and directly navigates you right to it. Avoiding detours, you directly arrive where you want to be. Visiting friends, going to major events or simply shopping in the city – AIPARK always knows the best parking spot.

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Wie funktioniert AIPARK?

"AI" in AIPARK stands for Artificial Intelligence. The AI is what chosses the best parking spots at your destination and forecasts the availability for each of them. Ours is called SAM and can be considered a parking expert for all conditions. Based on millions of historical data sets and real-time traffic feeds, SAM learns very accurately when and where parking is available. Glad, we raised him to share with you ;)

AIPARK quickly explained

Watch our Videos and learn more about AIPARK! Our developer Mathias explains how to stop the endless search for available parking and demonstrates, how AIPARK can help during your every-day car rides. An animation reveals, what the world looks like to our artificial intelligence behind AIPARK.
On-street parking spots
Parking areas
Beta tester
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The people behind AIPARK

What our users and supporters say

At the beginning, I was suspicious if an app really could help me save time. Talking from my experiences as a beta tester: Convincing! It knows all the hidden spots and an availability forecast comes right with it. Just a very handy thing if you want to go shopping in the city!


Josefin Student, 23

Our Motivation

We are a team of six graduate students at TU Braunschweig and we have one common problem: Finding a parking spot is annoying and time-consuming! 30 percent of the city traffic only exists due to drivers searching for parking. Everyone of us spends in average 10 minutes per day to find available parking space. We think: That is not necessary!

We work on the development of AIPARK to stop the endless searching for a spot. Just insert your destination and get lots of parking options in the nearer surrounding. An availability forecast comes right with it! This way, you know exactly where to go without driving up and down. We want you to have more time for the things in life that really matter, for example having a nice cup of coffee ;-)

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Data protection at AIPARK

We at AIPARK take data protection very seriously. All of the information we use for calculating the parking forecasts is anonymized and stored safely on our servers in Germany. We maintain the highest standards of encryption and respect the German regulations for data protection.

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