Live Parking Map

See open parking spots. In real-time.


in the AIPARK fleet – the largest in Germany

We use data feeds from connected devices to detect open parking spots in real-time. Our AI analyzes sensor readings, movement patterns and contextual factors to determine the device and user status at all times. When our AI detects that someone left a parking spot, it is open to be used by other drivers – at least for a certain time.

The ParkingCloud uses historical data to estimate the current parking turnover in the target region. The higher the parking turnover, the shorter the statistical time window for other drivers to park. Open spots are highlighted up to 15 minutes after departure. Data from the crowd for the crowd! 

live parking map


Connected cars continously collect a lot of data! This data has value and is used to enhance the real-time functionalities of the ParkingCloud. We focus on feeds from ultrasonic sensors, vehicle GPS, ignition and cameras, that are pre-processed directly on the vehicle or – depending on the applicaiton – even on a connected mobile device. This helps minimize the volume of information to be sent to the ParkingCloud.

The ParkingCloud uses pre-processed data to detect open parking spots primarily in on-street scenarios. It validates the sensor readings with contextual factors to minimize the error involved. Having completed the final processing within seconds, the ParkingCloud integrates the location of currently open parking spots with the Dynamic Parking Map and transmits the final product back to all endpoints.

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