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With the increasing demand for individual mobility worldwide, parking space has become a scarce resource in urban areas and represents a serious problem today. While the total traffic volume is continuously increasing in many places, local governments often can not catch up with extending infrastructure. Drivers in urban areas often spend more than 20 minutes each time they are trying to park their car. Hence, it is estimated that vehicles searching for parking contribute as much as 30 percent to the total traffic. Parking-caused traffic not only consumes time, it is also a source of substantial amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and extensive air pollution and therefore creates a potential health risk for urban citizens.

Parking Management Solutions by AIPARK can effectively help monitoring, controlling and reducing traffic caused by parking.

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Parking causes as much as 30 percent of all city traffic.

– N. Moini, et. al., Impact analyses of curb-street parking guidance system on mobility and environment, Rutgers University


Reduce city traffic

Traffic annoys everyone. It is the major cause for fine dust, greenhouse gas emissions and noise in urban areas. Effective parking guidance with AIPARK helps reduce searching for parking and makes citizens and visitors happy.

Improve parking situation

Using AIPARK, car drivers find parking without detours. The system knows the location of open spots and helps citizens and visitors navigate directly there. This increases the parking utilization and leads to an improved urban mobility experience.

Green and sustainable

Less car traffic leads to higher resource efficiency and better air quality. The people of your city will thank you making their lives healthier. Use the power of digitalization for the good and reduce searching for parking today.



AIPARK ParkingSensors are installed on light posts and can monitor occupancy status of 10 to 20 parking spots, depending on field of view and installation height. They are streaming their data in realtime to the AIPARK ParkingCloud from where it is being distributed to drivers and traffic management. The sensor utilizes vehicle detection algorithms which are deployed directly on the device itself. This way ensure 100% conformity
with privacy laws.

HD Parking Maps

Detailed knowledge about location, capacity and restrictions of parking options is often the first step towards becoming a smart city. Our computer vision-based street-level mapping setup is the most cost-efficient for creating high resolution parking maps of your city. Have a look at our mapping page to learn more.


web interface

Use our lightning-fast web application for parking management, traffic and usage analysis and status monitoring of your AIPARK ParkingSensors. It is easy-to-use and mobile-ready, so you can use it on any of your devices from traffic control center to smartphone.

Delivering up to the end customer

Share free parking spots with drivers – With tailor-made mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, you are able to guide your users to your parking facilities in the most convenient way. Have a look at our AIPARK app and get an impression what we can do for you.

Check our coverage in your city

AIPARK is already available with occupancy predictions, parking maps and realtime parking information in more than 140 cities in Germany. Request free demo access to our web app and test our service. If your city is not yet or insufficiently covered, contact us. Together, we can work out how to improve the parking situation in your area as well.
HD Parking Maps
The AIPARK Parking Cloud delivers detailed information for millions of parking spots including position, price, openings etc.
Real-time on-street parking
The ParkingCloud delivers real-time on-street parking based on data from a fleet of 5+ Million probe vehicles.
Real-time data feeds
The ParkingCloud is connected to data feeds from parking garages and monitored parking areas that broadcast their availability in real-time.
Predicted Parking Vacancy
Real world data is dirty and often incomplete. By deploying deep learning algorithms on vasts amounts of historic traffic data, the AIPARK ParkingCloud is able to predict parking vacancy, even in locations with no or sparse data available.